2021.09.08 Newsletter

Dear Families,

We begin our preschool year full of energy and excitement.  We are making new friends and enjoying preschool life as we participate in activities, songs, and stories together.  Our outside classroom is full of a wide variety of learning and play areas.

The children have made floating chalk prints for their cubbie art.  We have added a cute photo and laminated them to put in each child’s cubbie.  The children are each creating a frame for their family photo by using oil pastels and watercolors.  These framed photos will be placed on a movable felt board while we are outside. You will get to see their masterpieces before we place them in the loft inside.

At 9:15 we have our Morning Meeting and sing The Welcome Song by Jack Hartman and Becky Bailey.  During this time have talked about affirmations/rules with the children-

  • We are kind
  • We are respectful
  • We listen to our teachers

We will brainstorm with the children what these affirmations mean to them.

During Circle Time we sit together and listen to a story and sing songs.  Some of the books we have read are School’s First Day of School by Alex Rex and Mud Puddle by Robert Munsch.  Some of the songs we have been singing are The More we Get Together, Make New Friends, and Willoby Walloby Woo to help children learn everyone’s name.

BIRTHDAYS are a fun and special celebration at preschool!   On your child’s birthday, or as close as we can get, please bring a favorite book for us to read (and return to you).  Our beloved puppet, Robbie the Rat, will lead a rousing rendition of Happy Birthday.  Although we can not share food at this time, you may bring a simple, non-edible treat for all 25 children.  (A fun alternative, but certainly not necessary!)

Here are our September Birthdays celebrations:

Lucy                 September 10

Julianna           September 14

Sam                  September 20

LABELS  In preschool life everything must be labeledGetting packaged labels really helps you get the many things labeled easily.  They are great for labeling lunches, and all the containers, water bottles, nap gear, coats, gloves, extra clothing, and more!  There are several companies that provide label packets. Here is one company that we think is good.  https://mabelslabels.com/en_US/

SNACK—Please put your child’s snack in a separate container or bag clearly marked.  (Joe’s Snack).  This will promote independence for our children and smooth out the transition of getting tables cleaned, hands washed and snack out.

MASKS  It is important that your child’s mask fits properly and is clean and comfortable.  Children are amazingly accepting of masks if it “feels right.” Here is a good article on children’s masks https://www.wired.com/gallery/best-kids-face-masks/.  We also strongly recommend lanyards, so the mask and the kiddo stay together.  ( Here is a good website–https://schoolmaskpack.com/search?type=product&q=lanyards ).  It is nice that we are outside so much, and the children do not need to wear masks for much of the day.   Children do go inside and outside throughout the day so a lanyard helps with easy on easy off.  We need to make sure each child has a mask and the masks do not get mixed up.  Masks must be labeled!

All of us are together on Thursday afternoons and/or Fridays to have a Team Meeting, deep clean and prepare for the week ahead.  Now that we have a few days of experience we have some modifications and suggestions.

Thank you all for understanding how our arrival and departure system works and for getting your children to school on time.  It is critical for your child’s social confidence to be able to enter play at the start of the day.  Play and learning are at a higher level when children have an extended period of time to engage in an activity.  If you arrive earlier or later and we are not outside, please call 344-1989 and we will get come out to screen or get your kiddo ready to go.

BOOK ORDERS  We have included a book order with this newsletter.  This year you will do your book orders online.  Simply go to scholastic.com/bookclubs and put in our Shepherd of the Valley Preschool code Q9M77.  Orders must be in by Monday, September 20th.   If you order $25.00 you may have the order shipped directly to your home.  You may always order books to be sent to the school with no shipping cost.  We will receive the books and distribute them to you when they arrive.

If you have questions about your child or anything else please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

We are grateful to have your children with us to learn and play and grow!

Holly and Laurie