COVID Plans and Procedures

After extensive planning and work, we are ready for our preschool 2022-2023 year with the utmost care for our children, families, teachers, and our general community’s health and safety. We will continue to uphold our mission of having a play-filled learning environment while promoting COVID-safe practices as needed. Developing trusting, authentic relationships with each child is of utmost importance and no child will be reprimanded for age-appropriate behavior. Although we have set up our environments and activities to provide for social distancing, we will not enforce strict social distancing rules with young children. If a child needs to be comforted, he/she will be comforted and if children are building social skills with new and old friends, we will not prohibit these important experiences.

Positive, strong family-teacher partnerships are essential for the education of children and an integral part of our quality program. We will do our best to communicate with you regularly and keep these connections strong in different ways through this time.

We are dedicated to creating a healthy culture of caring at Shepherd of the Valley Preschool and your support is needed. We all have a responsibility to one another to adhere to the health and safety recommendations of experts in the fields of public health, medicine, and education. We will constantly be in close communication with state and local public health authorities and the New Mexico Early Childcare Education and Care Department and will keep your appraised of changes if they should arise.

We have developed a daily protocol of cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting classrooms, bathrooms, and materials according to the current CDC/ECECD guidelines which also includes the use of an Illu Mist Sprayer to disinfect surfaces, our environment will be professionally deep cleaned on a regular schedule. The building will be ventilated by opening windows to let fresh air in daily. Air purifiers will also be used in the classroom.

Virtual Distance Learning

If we need to close Shepherd of the Valley Preschool to students, for any reason, we are prepared to move to distance learning. Our lead teachers participated in a 30-hour international summit that included effective developmentally appropriate trainings in virtual teaching and in-person teaching during these challenging times. We have also purchased curriculum and we are better prepared to teach in different circumstances.

Mask Policy

ECECD does not require masks. As parents, you may decide to send your child in a mask. We will do our best to keep the mask on the child as much as possible. Please talk with your child’s teachers with any concerns.