Curriculum is the new experiences, discoveries, and accomplishments that fill the days at Shepherd of the Valley Preschool. Spontaneity and flexibility, paired with careful and thoughtful planning optimize learning and fun. The following guidelines are kept in mind when planning the curriculum.

  • A young child's learning and development are always integrated.  Therefore, we integrate music, math, science, literature, language, and art by using themes based on children's interests (dinosaurs, hats, insects, etc.).
  • All forms of play are valued.  The process of learning is emphasized over the final product. There are many opportunities for the children to be creative.  We respect children's differences and appreciate their accomplishments.
  • Children learn to understand and appreciate our world's rich diversity of cultural heritages, abilities, and interests.  We strive to provide an anti-bias curriculum, which values each other's diversity and uniqueness.
  • A strong positive foundation for reading begins with oral language.  By reading to the children everyday, using literature-based activities and giving children varied opportunities to question and explore, we give children a love of books, that will last a lifetime.