Pasketti Dinner

Dear Family and Friends of Shepherd of the Valley Preschool,

Shepherd of the Valley Preschool is a non-profit, independent preschool that continues to be a vibrant school community because of your support. Our amazing indoor environment and playground are all made possible because we have been blessed with whole hearted people that have given so much throughout our thirty-six year history.

​Our Pasketti Dinner Extravaganza is our biggest fundraiser of the year and its success is essential for our preschool to continue to be an exemplary place for children to learn and play and for families to grow and thrive.

Our goal for this year’s Extravaganza is to raise $7,000 with 100% of the proceeds to fund projects and initiatives for best practices in early childhood education, including environment enhancements, teacher development and tuition assistance.
A clean, organized, thoughtfully created environment that is personalized and values the culture and experiences of our children, families and teachers is an essential component of quality early childhood education and care. Upgrading and improving our environment, functionally and aesthetically, is currently a focus of our preschool. Outside, we would like to replace our old, falling apart shed with an updated, larger shed. We would like to purchase new, high quality loose parts for our mud kitchen (and other areas) with a better system to organize and store those items. Inside, we are exploring units to redesign and replace our game cabinet and writing center.

Last year we made significant improvements throughout our school including an innovative water feature and mud kitchen outside, beautiful entrance credenza cabinet, reorganized art area, new shelf in office area, wood stools, new bench in dramatic play area, light table and restored tables in back play space. It takes a tremendous amount of work, dedication and monetary resources to keep Shepherd of the Valley Preschool extraordinarily special. Please consider supporting this fundraising cause with donations, sponsorships, participation and work. We all benefit from being a part of this amazing place. We are so grateful to have your support!

What You Need to Do to Make Our Pasketti Dinner Extravaganza a Fun Filled Success!


We need everyone to help in order to make this amazing event possible and successful. Please sign up to work during the Extravaganza and help in as many ways as possible.

Sell Lots of Pasketti Dinner Tickets

We ask each family to sell at least 6 adult tickets and 4 children tickets that are included in your packet. We have plenty more tickets and we would love for you to sell more or even buy them to give away, if you are able. The food is good! COME and bring lots of friends and family. Fill out the enclosed ticket envelope and return to preschool by April 8th so we are able to plan how much food we need. Tickets may also be purchased at the door.

Bring Yummy Attractive Desserts for Dessert Walk

We have an old fashioned dessert walk with fun music. Everyone loves it. We ask each family to bring one delicious dessert or more if you like to bake or know someone who does. Please have your yummy baked goods be attractively packaged.

Bring Great Items for Silent Auction

We need each family to bring in 2 items for our silent auction. It is great to have a range of inexpensive items to pricey ones. This is not a garage sale. Be creative. Silent auction ideas include, but are not limited to, gift cards to restaurants, golf, car washes, movies, and beauty services. Theme baskets and children items are also popular. If you would like to be involved on the Silent Auction committee to seek out businesses, speak to our Parent Board Members.

Admire Our Children’s Art Show

All you need to do is be amazed at our talented little artists! We accept donations for the joy of taking your child’s masterpiece home.

Promote Our Extravaganza

Please be cheerleaders for this event and volunteer in every way you are able. If you have any questions or would like to become more involved, please talk to any Board member. Let’s have fun together as we help Shepherd of the Valley Preschool be the best for our children.

Shepherd of the Valley Preschool Parent Board

Alessandra Peluso, , Amy Ziegler, Susan Hulsey, Joshlyn Murrieta, Natalie Amershek, Monica Lewis Tracy O’Shea, Jessica Knight, Rachel DelToro, Brynn Marchiando, John Husler, Laurie Taylor, Holly Savage of the Valley Preschool